Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nintendo HD

So rumor has it that Nintendo will unveil its newest console and that it will be in HD. Is Nintendo now a day late and a dollar short? Since the other to console are now going to be what seems 2 generations ahead of Nintendo or can this new gaming console from Nintendo just leap head  Sony PS3 and XBOX 360? I think that Nintendo has a loyal following and the fact that their games are mostly geared towards kids makes Nintendo timeless. The signature game characters like Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid keep those that played these games as kids hooked on just the titles. Any thoughts on this post please leave share your comments.


Jacob said...

cool its been a while.

EmoGoth said...

I had no idea there was a rumor of an HD console.

Lich said...

It's rumored to be significantly more powerful than ps3, so I'm really looking forward to it

mac-and-me said...

so we get wii bowling and wii sports in hd AMAZING not

Anonymous said...

Finally. They should have just made the Wii HD in the first place =P

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