Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best movie of 2011 "Arthur"

This movie is about an alcoholic man child that has a very controlling mother. The mother needs him to marry a woman that can run her empire when the time comes. Arthur of course has a mind of his own and the only thing he really loves is his Makers Mark. If you have a chance to see this movie go and watch it you won't be disappointed. I am not a fan of Russel Brand but this movie is TWO THUMBS UP!!! If you have seen it leave your comments if you have not seen it leave your comments.


Leestander said...

haha, sick movie can you rent it now? haha wash your wi*k**.

mac-and-me said...

gonna check it out, looks good

paidvacation1605 said...

Rent it, no not yet it just got to the theater last week I believe. He did not have a hot Swedish nanny that fo shizzle

Emrecan S said...

Have to check it out, look's really cool.

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