Wednesday, June 15, 2011

¿New Direction?

For the last few months, I've really been considering doing something new and different. I've been a general manager of a local grocery store here in Arizona for a while. I've always been interested in the human mind. Psychology, any diseases that cause an imbalance in the brain. That is why my two favorite movies, are Sybil and The Beautiful Mind. I have always felt that success not only begins with an advanced degree. Particularly in fields like the Health Sciences, Psychology and Education.The only issue I have is getting back out to college. I've never considered going back online, it seems to new age, and I want to get my moneys worth, but I think there are online colleges out there that can help me with what I need.

I'm going to start a new chapter in my life, and my fellow bloggers are the first to hear about it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Congrats to the 2011 NBA Champions the Dallas Mavericks. Can you believe that Jason Kidd has been in the league 17 years. My home team is the Phoenix Suns so I rooted for Dallas to win because of the Ex-Suns players on Dallas. I have met Shawn Marion and he is a very down to earth guy, and he deserved to get himself a ring. Congrats Shawn the former University of Las Vegas Nevada, Runnin Rebel. He started in 1998 in a Junior college and won the Junior College player of the year and then in 1999 he transferred to UNLV. This championship couldn't have happened to a better group of guys. GO MARK CUBAN I hope you get to buy our Phoenix Coyotes!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Online University vs State University

My nephew just graduated from High School in Florida this past May, 2011. He has volunteered 100s of hours at the local hospital the entire time he attended High School. While other kids were out on Friday night this young man spent most of his time helping others. This fall he plans on attending university so that he can study nursing and specializing with new born babies in the maternity ward. He will continue to volunteer his time while he attends college, which is why he has choose to attend an online university.

Twilight "Breaking Dawn Pt 1"

So last night on the MTV Movie Awards they ended it by showing the Exclusive World Premier of The Twilight Saga "Breaking Dawn Pt 1" trailer. For those that have read the books well they know how it ends, but for those of us that read the books after the movie. (So the movie does not get spoiled by the book)So how many of you Twi-Hards will be waiting in line for the midnight showing of this movie this coming November.They filmed part of this movie in Rio De Janeiro Brazil which has some of the greatest beaches on the planet The movies are not fantastic but they are entertaining so I will watch it when it comes to Redbox. . Comments?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Appearance Fees

Did you know how much your favorite reality star makes in appearance fees? Well here is a small list of names and dollar figures that will just make you say WTF. Snooki from the Reality Show Jersey Shore makes around $15,000 per appearance and recently a University paid her $30,000. One of her Co-stars "The Situation" makes $15k - 50k to come show off his abs and pump his fist around WTF. Paris Hilton makes an average of $100k to show her face in night clubs and then she gets perks like private jets and is wined and dined around town WTF. Kim Kardashian get around $75k per appearance and she is reportedly the highest paid reality show star bringing in around $6 million last year. She does a ton of endorsements and it seems like she is on E channel every half hour. Last but not least someone that keeps winning Charlie Sheen who played Charlie Harper on Two and Half Men and was paid 2 Million per episode is now charging for appearance fees to he hosted a show in Vegas and was paid 200k which is nothing compared to his 2 million per episode but it still makes you say WFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shaq "Diesel" Oneil

Shaq has decided to hang up the size 24's and retire. For 19 years Shaq " The Big Cactus" has been the most dominant force in the NBA and he will be missed. What will Shaq do now that he is no longer going to play in the NBA? I have heard that he has continued his education and is currently enrolled in a South University in Florida and will be earning his Doctorate (PHD). So soon it will be "The Big Doctor" that is really something to see a man with so much continue with his education. Good Luck Diesel you will be missed.

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