Thursday, May 5, 2011

Graduation 2011

Its that time of year again where every student that is graduating from High School or University is thinking about the next step. Will I be going to a University that is in state or far far away from my parents? Should I go to grad school? A million questions are running through the heads of this year's graduates. But one thing for sure is that all grads should celebrate safely so that you can make it safely to your next step in it be University / College or tech school please be safe.


MJ to IM said...

good advice. Ive seen/heard too many stories about fresh high school graduates dying on graduation.

Wait til you guys get to colelge, graduation is going to be NUTS

Kingmush said...

Good advice..seems in no time I'll be graduating Uni and I'll have to face my next step..

Dejch said...

i like the logo :)

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